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Humans were an ancient, powerful and technologically advanced civilisation that was once the superior race on Earth until their final war led to the total destruction of their society.


Humans are less strong than gorillas but they were able to fight apes more easily by kicking them with their legs. Humans were more likely able to swim whereas apes were unable since their physiology was unable to to help them swim. Humans were able to run a lot faster than apes and they're able to survive in harsh conditions for a few days or weeks.


Humanity's technology was advanced and superior to that of primitive ape technology since at that point Apes were at Medieval level technology. Human technology was perfect in many ways such as communication, industrialisation, transportation and it was used for Human military and creating weapons.


Human civilisation started thousands of years ago and had a long history of greatness, wealth, culture and power until their destruction. At some point in the late 20th Century Human scientists have been testing apes and gave them intelligence and they were used as pets for the public after all the world's cats and dogs were killed by a deadly disease, they were then used as servants to Humans and the final thing apes were the used as slaves. Humanity made first contact with alien life in 1971 but they appeared to be apes from the future who were Cornelius, Zira and Dr Milo and they were able to escape Earth's destruction in the future.(Beneath the Planet of the Apes)

In the United States the Americans put apes into slave labour and this was what led Caesar into plotting a rebellion. (Conquest of the Planet of the Apes) After the global nuclear war that devastated much of Earth the Apes and the surviving Humans managed to live in peace and harmony in the post-nuclear war as one society.(Battle for the Planet of the Apes) A few Humans managed to survive the war but they began mutating over the centuries and some were given psychic and telepathic powers.(Beneath the Planet of the Apes) A millennium later Humans were treated like slaves and they were also used for hunting and experimentation and they had their intelligence removed by orders from Dr Zaius which was hidden from the rest of Ape society.(Planet of the Apes)

When a gorilla army was invading the Forbidden Zone to find the remaining intelligent Humans who survived from the war and centuries of mutation and when they entered the ruins of New York and when they entered St Patrick's Cathedral they saw a nuclear bomb that the psychic and telepathic Humans worshipped. Taylor pleaded Dr Zaius for help but when Dr Zaius refused Taylor activated the switch, setting off the nuclear bomb and killing all life on Earth and leaving no survivors.(Beneath the Planet of the Apes)


Humans were a warlike race who gave battle to each other since they were divided into countries and it was part of their nature and they were completely ruthless and aggressive towards both Apes and themselves. Dr Zaius knew that Human civilisation existed long before the Apes ruled the planet and that he held the dark secret from everyone. Dr Zaius stated to Taylor "Because you're a man, and you're right I have always known about Man. From the evidence I believe his wisdom must behail with his idiocy. His emotions must rule his brain, he must be a warlike creature that gives battle to everything around him. Even himself."(Planet of the Apes)

Dr Zaius also stated about the relentless destructiveness of Humanity and said "Man in evil, capable of nothing but destruction".(Beneath the Planet of the Apes)

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