2000 year Earth voyageAldoApe
Ape CityArmandoArmando (Planet of the Apes)
Attack from the CloudsBattle for the Planet of the ApesBattle of the Titans
Beneath the Planet of the ApesBradford DillmanBrent
CaesarCaesar (Planet of the Apes)Charlton Heston
ChimpanzeeConquest of the Planet of the ApesCornelius
Cornelius (Planet of the Apes)Dawn of the Planet of the ApesDodge (Planet of the Apes)
Don Pedro ColleyDr. HassleinDr. Hasslein (Planet of the Apes)
Dr. MiloDr. Milo (Planet of the Apes)Dr. Zaius (Planet of the Apes)
EarthEscape from Ape CityEscape from the Planet of the Apes
Flames of DoomForbidden ZoneForbidden Zone (Planet of the Apes)
GeldingGeneral Ursus (Planet of the Apes)George Taylor
GorillaGovernor BreckHuman
Icarus (Planet of the Apes)Invasion of the UnderdwellersIrradiated
James DalyJames WhitmoreJohn Jakes
Kim HunterKolpLagoon of Peril
Linda HarrisonLisaLou Wagner
Main PageMandemusMarvel Comics
Maurice EvansMaximusMission of Mercy
Mr. MacDonaldMr. MacDonald (Planet of the Apes)Mutants
MéndezNatalie TrundyNova
OrangutanPaul RichardsPierre Boulle
Planet of the ApesPlanet of the Apes (1968 film)Planet of the Apes (2001 film)
Planet of the Apes (novel)RebellionReturn to the Planet of the Apes
Rise of the ApesRise of the Planet of the ApesRiver of Flames
Robert GunnerRoddy McDowallScreaming Wings
StewartTaylor (Planet of the Apes)Terror on Ice Mountain
The LawgiverThe Unearthly ProphecyTime dilation
Trail to the UnknownTunnel of FearUnited States of America
UrsusVictor BuonoVirgil
ZaiusZiraZira (Planet of the Apes)
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File:Conquest title.jpgFile:Cornelius01.jpgFile:Dawn of the Planet of the Apes - Trailer
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File:Placeholder person.pngFile:Planet-of-the-apes-statue-of-liberty-blu-ray-disc-screencap-hd-1080p-05.jpgFile:Planet of the Apes Official Trailer
File:Planetoftheapes title.jpgFile:Ranking the Planet of the Apes MoviesFile:Returntotheplanetoftheapes01.jpg
File:Rise-of-the-planet-of-the-apes.jpgFile:Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011) - Open-ended Trailer for Rise Of The Planet Of The ApesFile:Riverofflames.jpg
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