The mutants were a group of mutated humans who had survived the war with the apes. They lived beneath the forbidden zone in the buried remains of their city. Their faces were greatly scarred and deformed due to living with high levels of radiation. They wore masks to look normal, only showing their true features when praying to their god, the divine doomsday bomb. They would hold elaborate church services and chant " I reveal my inmost self unto my god". They had also developed acute mind powers, able to create illusions like the "visual deterrent" or the "sonic deterrent". They also seem to posess mind control abilities, as they use them on brent and taylor to cause them to fight to death saying "We are a peaceful people, mister brent. We don`t kill our enemies, we make our enemies kill each other". All of these were called weapons of peace, but the divine bomb was not. the alpha omega bomb was powerful enough to destroy the whole earth. In the end the apes, who realized there was something living in the forbidden zone due to various phenomena, journeyed to the mutant city and slaughtered the inhabitants. With the mutants dead the apes began to attack the bomb, unknowing of it`s power. Taylor and Brent tried to stop them, but were both shot. With his final breath Taylor activated the bomb and destroyed the planet earth. Another group of mutants, less evolved ancestors of the ones Taylor encountered, appeared in the final film Battle for the Planet of the Apes in which they made war with Caesar and his army. The apes won but were unaware that more mutants still survived living in the underground city and guarding the bomb. Another reference to the mutants came in the first film when Dr. Zaius accused taylor of being a mutant

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